Saturday, June 19, 2010

Happy Father's Day

To Mike: You are going to be the best dad! In my mind I can see you with our children. I can see you teaching them, playing with them, caring for them and it makes me smile. I am know how well you look after me and i know you will do the same for our kids some day. Happy Father's Day.

To the 'other' Men in my life :) My dad - when i was finding someone to spend my life with, all i had to do was to look to you and mom and try to find what you have. You have always been there for me - no matter what kind of crazy thing i was up to. You have supported me in everything and taught me so much. And, we have a lot of fun!! You have the Cober cheating gene - we are always watching - don't worry. To my Father in Law - i don't feel like i have had enough time getting to know you before you left for Africa. I want to thank you for welcoming me into the family and accepting me for who i am. I also want to thank you for raising this man to be who he is. That doesn't happen by accident.

I also have a whole bunch of uncles and cousins - and even a 'time-share-Dad' - men who have influenced my life and been part of my 'circle'. It sure does take a village! I am glad that you will be part of our children's lives as well.

So, Happy Father's Day to all the men out there. May you all know how much you are appreciated and loved.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

the latest and some 'after pics'

no, i haven't fallen off the face of the earth. Just about but not quite. Its quite possible that no one is reading this anyway...but here i am back again.

Actually -that was half my problem - the old sciatic reared its ugly head again. ugh. i am feeling much better - but this time its been about 3 weeks of crap and limping along. I am still a bit sore but am feeling so much better.

It's June - well and almost July. We just passed our 20 month mark. 20 months of waiting...what to say???! We have had many family events lately - and i always have lots of questions about when this baby will be showing up. You know, ever since we started my answer has been - 'about another year or so'. This has been my answer and I don't see it changing any time soon.

So, what else have we been up to? Prior to the back going out -there was lots of gardening and some work on our famous 'reno of 2008'. This could have something to do with the back...but you gotta live your life! The long weekend in May we got down to work and FINISHED the baby room and the hall!!!! Can you believe it??! What a relief/accomplishment!!!!! It looks really great. My hubby gets all the props here - i just did a bit of painting and changing my mind -'i want it here - no, over here, no - back to the first place' :)

So, here are some pics to show you the finished project. Now, we still have one bedroom to complete - but we aren't talking about that right now :) I also have MANY ideas for the next 4 or so projects. I would really like to get 3 of these done before baby comes - and the way things are going that probably won't be a problem.

So, here are some "before's" to refresh your memory. We didn't have a digital camera when we moved in, so don't have many shots of these spaces and really, those are memories best forgotten!!

Here is baby's room in its purple glory.
Imagine crusty matching purple carpet, no insulation and questionable wiring.

Same room - striped down to the studs and new drywall going up!

Our hall.
Bigger than my first apartment!
Features 6 doors plus a closet!

Picture ucky, icky painted over panelling and about a
gazillion years of grimy dirt that stuck to the flat paint - ugh.

The baby's room

Furniture placement still pending. We will decorate once we find out who will be living here. Probably some pink for a girl (surprise) or some denim and blues for a boy.

A brand new room, complete with new windows, wiring, insulation, closets with organizers and new paint on the floor.

"The" Hall!!!

Complete with the first pair of curtains in the whole house, new light fixtures, linen closet and straight walls. Flooring to come...

Wow - what a change! It feels so good to see some progress being made on our house. I will be so happy when each room has a new look! This of coarse will take many more years - but i knew that when we moved in. We have a 30 year plan!!