Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Hi all!!! I am back!
I have wondered what happened to February?? So hard to believe that the month is almost over.

The surgery went well. Gall bladder and little buddy are now a thing of the past. My first surgical experience went fairly well. Some of the highlights - getting 'stuck' 7 times before a successful IV got started, having the power go off in the hospital (actually i didn't even notice, the generator kicked in right away - but we did have to wait an extra 1 1/2 hours till it came back on to start the surgery and there was the threat of having to cancel the surgery - i said no way - i just got the crazy IV started!!!!!), having some nice nurses and one not nice Dr., good drugs :) and then an hour or so later getting sent home. Can i just say - is it illegal to have gowns that tie up in the back?????? I mentioned to the nurse that mine didn't have any ties - and he said - honey none of them do - WHY NOT???!!!!! just saying

It was all good and i have recovered well. I am back at work this week for a few 1/2 days - still some tenderness and sitting for long periods isn't that great. Mike was a good nurse per usual and i also got baby sat by my mom and sister and niece. I was a handful!!! :) I enjoyed the Olympic viewing and also read a few good books.

While i was down and out we celebrated another month of waiting - 16 to be exact. Wow. I would have never guessed that in February 2010 we would still be waiting for a referral when we started this whole thing - but here we are. We are also coming up on our 2 year anniversary of starting the adoption. Lots can happen in 2 years!!

So, that's it for me. Should head back to my couch and rest a bit. Thanks for all your notes while i was away. Also, its great to hear of so many successful court dates!!! Congrats to all new parents!!! That is so amazing - looking forward to seeing these first 'Imagine' kids coming home. Also looking forward to hearing good news from CAFAC friends soon too.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Little Buddy

Brenda is still recovering from her surgery, so that leaves to blogging to me (Mike, for those of you who don't know, I haven't posted in quite a while). Brenda's "little buddy" as we have called it, was taken out on Monday. She apparently told the OR staff that she was there to have a baby! It may have been the anesthetic talking, but she says she was aware of what she was saying. She is doing well by the way, and thank you to all of her cyber friends for your encouraging words of healing. Her mom has been here through the day with her, but Brenda is going to try tomorrow by herself. I have a day job now, so she is not alone at night anymore! I am still getting used to sleeping at night however, I like to sit and close my eyes at lunchtime but I nearly fell off my chair the other day when I dozed off! I'm told that everyone gets tired in the afternoon, so I'll take that as normal for now. I'm sure that Brenda will be posting again soon, so until then, happy blogging.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


In a job as a volunteer co-ordinator, I worked with some men with developmental delays. There was one guy named Gary. He would spontaneously say "I'm happy today. Yep, today and tomorrow". Well to take a page from Gary's book - i am happy today - for a number of reasons.
1. We are now #56!!!!! We started out at 62 and are now down to 56. Hard to believe in such a short while. I am actually enjoying the 50's. It's exciting, without all the pressure. I have a feeling once we get down to the 20's i will be a basket case, so I am going to enjoy the 50's.
2. Mike got a new job! He started out on Monday. Its a straight day job - instead of the straight nights he has done for the past 3 something years. I am so happy for him - its a great fit for him and i really think he will love it. yippee honey - congrats!!
3. My best friend is dating a really great guy. She is super great and deserves to be so happy and so she is and I am so happy for her/them. yippeee
4. We got a new bed! I love my new bed. With Mike coming off nights we decided we need to do something about our old bed. I don't sleep well when he is around and so a new bed will help to fix that problem. There seems to be more 'middle' in our King size bed and so I am happy. A new bed meant a new comforter set :) and so new paint as well - some day. Lots of fun!
5. I am getting my gall bladder removed. Although the thoughts of surgery don't really make me too happy - I will be happy to have it done and be free from attacks of pain in the night. I have named my gall stone 'little buddy' and so he really needs to go. If you don't hear from me in a while its because I am recouping.
6. Our friends and families have blessed us so much!! My family started up a trust fund for our adoption and we are so overwhelmed by the support that has been given to us. It truly boggles my mind. Our new agency fees have been covered, our travel expenses have been covered and then some. We are humbled and so appreciative. One draw back of the trust fund is that we can not tell who the people are who donate. So, thank you so much - we would love to thank each one individually - but if you gave we are so deeply touched and we thank you from the bottoms of our hearts.
So, I am happy today. Yep, today and tomorrow.