Saturday, January 28, 2012

Light at the end of the tunnel

Yes - that's right. We can now see that tiny little light at the end of this huge crazy tunnel. On Thursday we got news of our court date! Its funny how this news always comes in a little email. Usually only one or two sentences tell us some kind of huge news. So, March 5th is our date. To be honest I was disappointed that it was SO FAR AWAY... But the process includes 2 court dates. One is for Birth Parents/Social Workers and then one month later is the date for Adoptive Parents. So, Feb 2 is our first date and then March 5 is our second date. In reality this is fairly quick.

I am not having the reaction I thought i would have. Mike is the very excited one and I am getting there. I feel a huge sense of relief but more than anything I am still in shock. You see for the last almost 4 years we have had no sense of timing. We tried to guess and maybe, sort of come up with some kind of time line which has always been way off. This time we have a date. We have a count down. We KNOW when we are going. We KNOW when we will see our boy. Its kind of freaking me out to be honest. We are making TRAVEL plans... I am buying things. Its all feeling a bit crazy.

On every kind of holiday i would daydream and dare to ask myself - will we have a baby next Christmas 0r our next camping trip or next summer... and the answer appears to be yes.

Now the other thing is that it is not over yet. This is like the 7th inning stretch. Its fun to do and it means the game is coming to a close - but it ain't over yet. Still so many things to wait for and some of the hardest part is coming. The sweet sweet day we will see our boy for the first time and the day we have to leave him and come home. I knew this day was coming - I did and I would tell myself "it won't be that bad" - many others have done it. But i know I am going to be a HUGE mess. This, I am not looking forward to - in fact dreading it. We were really trying to figure out how we could make the 'long' stay work - but in reality we just can't do it. I will be on cloud nine if we have to turn around 5 weeks after we get home and go right back to pick him up!!!

So, YAYYYYYYYY we have our court date!! It is exciting to be at this place FINALLY. But with it comes a whole new set of scary and crazy - which we should be used to by now. We are grateful and we are thankful and we are happy! And as my co-worker J would say 'strength for the journey'!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Our long lost letter has finally been signed!!! We just found out today. Now we can get back in line and apply for a court date. This has been a nightmare. There were times where we really believed we would loose our boy. Thanks for your prayers and your support!

Friday, January 6, 2012


He sits. Our boy sits on his own. He is growing and getting bigger. He is loosing the baby look and looking more like a little boy. The red t-shirt with the white stripes from last months photo is now looking a bit small for him. His hair is getting longer and the curls - Oh the curls!!!!! He has big, loose curls. His legs are getting cubby and he has rolls at his wrists. He is the sweetest thing ever - can't wait for you all to agree with me.

We are grateful for our photo updates. We don't receive any other info - so seeing him sit is huge for us. We just don't know what milestones he is reaching. We can see that he is healthy and well cared for.

We have no other news, no updates. We pray for our boy and hope that we can be together soon. We have our good days and our not so good days. I want to thank you all for supporting us in so many different ways. Please continue to pray that this nightmare will be over soon and we can get on with living our lives as a family of 3.