Friday, June 15, 2012

My first official "Father's Day"

So this is it! My (Mike, if you couldn't tell from the title!) first Father's Day with my boy! I really enjoy coming home each evening and having Bedilu reach out his arms and yell (almost at the top of his lungs) a joyful greeting. He truly is a gift from God, and has made my life even better. Brenda is doing a great job here at home, even though she will tell you that it doesn't seem like she gets much done while he's up, she keeps this place running! Bedilu is adjusting to life in Canada, and getting really used to the run of the house! I can hardly remember the very cautious boy that we first met, but I'm glad he has achieved a level of comfort with us that allows him to explore, knowing that we are not too far away if he needs us. I know this is "Father's Day", but I'd like to celebrate my "Family Day" everyday!