Thursday, September 30, 2010

Monthly update

It's about time for an update. Looks like i am lucky to get one post done a month. Usually on a day to day basis i feel like i have nothing to say - but then when i finally find the time to post, its a long one!!!! So, hold on your your seats, we got some catching up to do.

On the adoption front - we are still updating our homestudy. We have just about everything together and will soon need to meet with our AP (adoption practitioner) so that she can take another look at our house and decide if anything has changed with us in the last 2 years. Actually lots has changed. A few minor things like Mike getting a new job and some reno's on our house. But i think i have changed in the last 2 years. Some of it isn't so great - like not so quick to trust and being a bit more pessimistic in regards to this adoption business- all courtesy of a certain bankruptcy. But on the flip side i think i have healed also in the last 2 years. i am in a good place right now. Babies are being born around me and I am good with it. Friends and loved ones are all very considerate and compassionate when 'breaking' their good and happy news with me and I really appreciate that. I believe I am in a much better place now than I was 2 years ago. 2 years ago i might/would have started down the 'why them and not us' road. I can honestly say that i am happy for my friends and loved ones - yippee for you! I still hate the fact that we have to re-do this paper work. grrrr and when i see teenage 'children' parenting babies that boils my blood. We have also found out recently that we need to re-evaluate our age request. They can no longer promise that infants will become available. There is a lot more time consuming paperwork needed which causes those babies to age quite a bit before they are able to be referred. This has taken some time to become used to but I am learning to roll with the punches a bit more. We have no choice. Am i sad that i will miss those early baby months?? Of coarse, but I am getting used to the idea and i have seen the trends changing for a while and so you just go with it. mostly i am good. :)

Reno's - We have another room pretty much finished!!!! Our spare room has had some drywall finished, painting done (nice mauve colour - pics to follow!) All that is left is painting of the floor and some trim and its done. Of coarse in my head I am on to the next 2 projects :) and am waiting for Mike to catch up with my ideas!! Next is our bedroom. I have picked a great colour called 'black pepper'. Can't wait. and it fits with our food themed paint colours so it is 'meant to be'!!!

Wedding!!!! What an amazing weekend!!!! We had just a wonderful time celebrating my friends D&T! It was a beautiful setting and just a wonderful time. Pics below. Congrats to my wonderful friends!!!!

Fall - Fall has hit Ontario big time. The cool weather, the rain!! Seems like the hot, hot humid summer just stopped over night and boom - sweater time. We have enjoyed lots of fall activities like our local fair, the Apple Butter and Cheese Festival and much more. We also have enjoyed taking my nephew to University to see his campus and dorm. Very cool. How did i become old enough to have a nephew in University??? I am sure when we were visiting we were labeled in the 'parent' category. Well, I can say we are extremely proud of him and glad he is having a blast.

Dentist - yes you heard right. Today i made an appointment to see a dentist. This might not seem like a big deal to most. But, i have a huge fear of all things dental and so have avoided such things for an extremely embarrassingly long time. Today, out of nowhere i got the courage to call. My hands were sweating and my stomach was churning. I made the appointment. This is not joke people, its very real. i HATE it and it totally freaks me out. Ask me in 2 weeks how it went and say a little (or big )prayer for me on October 14th.

Anyhoo -that must be about all for now. Sorry for not being around lately. I still lurk on all your blogs when I am silent and learn and mourn and cry and rejoice with and pray for all of you when I am silent. Thanks for your patience.

And now for pics of the wedding. Enjoy!!!