Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Adoption Community

When we began our adoption we never guessed that we would become a part of the 'adoption community'. I didn't even really know that one existed. I remember thinking that we were 'the only ones'. I knew it wasn't true - but it can be a very lonely path. Back in those days i had no idea of people we would meet along the way.

First of all i stumbled upon my first blog. I didn't even really know about blogs much back then. I learned so much. I saw photos of families home with their kids. I joined the journey of others - sometimes laughing and sometimes crying.

Then i joined a chat group - huge step for me. This has been a source of encouragement and sometimes frustration. From there I actually met a few people and we have become close friends!!! There are others that I email.

Last night we met, in person, a couple who are adopting Bedi's roommate. Our kids are just weeks apart in age and have been in the same orphanage for quite a few months. They live 5 minutes from our house. That is right 5 minutes - a short walk. Here they are in our little old town. Our kids have been living together - and they got to see Bedi when they met their sweet girl!!! Who would have ever thought???

These people 'get it'. We walk this journey together. They understand like no other. If you are beginning your adoption journey, consider getting involved, stepping out and meeting others.
Today we heard sad news in our community. A mom who just brought home her son in the spring has passed away. And so, even though we never met or knew each other, i grieve her loss and pray for her husband and son. We are part of a community and we hurt.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Summer photos

There has been nothing new to report. We are still waiting on the courts to reopen. Still mostly hanging in there.

Thought i would share some photos.