Tuesday, December 7, 2010

been a while

Its time for my catch up blog entry. I guess i am learning that i am not exactly a true blogger. I really haven't felt the need to share for a while. I have also learned that when I am going through 'stuff', that silence is more my style. It would be great to vent and get it out there but its all pretty private/not blog type stuff. Its been a tough fall - with 'stuff'. I am sick of 'stuff''.

Anyhoo - enough of that. I am starting to feel better about adoption 'stuff'. I will be honest and say that it would have been easy to quit this adoption this fall. It just seemed like enough was enough. No movement for way too long, than one or two referrals and then not much happening. Since then things have been really moving! In November there were 18 referrals and it feels like things are really happening again. Of coarse you can never be sure of much, but we are thankful to see thing happening again. We are still working on our updates and i have been kind of dragging my feet a bit and so, it seems like its really time to get it done so that we can be ready for our referral. It's starting to feel real again and I am starting to 'dream' again...hopefully this is the real deal and we can get on with it and get our referral already!!!!! When people ask me why we stick with it, I tell them that we are confidant that our first child is meant to come from Ethiopia. We are confidant that God has a plan that involves adoption and this child to be part of our lives. If we did not feel that we wouldn't be waiting.

Other than that all is well. We are getting ready for Christmas - got the decorating done but that's about it. Hopefully this weekend some baking will happen and some shopping too. Mike and i are planning a holiday and that is fun as well.

So, that's it for now. Yes, we are still alive. Its just been a tough time. I am still reading all of you and keeping up - just been a bit quiet.