Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Hi there!

I know it's been a while.. and thanks to a comment from Karen :) I decided to update you on what is happening at our house.

I can hardly believe that we have been home with Bedilu for almost 16 weeks.  Where has the summer gone???  I can hardly remember the days without him.  But then, Mike and I still look at each other as B zips past us and we say - that is our kid!!!  He amazes us every day.  He is learning so much - and we are too!!!

In 16 weeks:

*he has popped out 11 teeth.  All we have left are the 2 year molars.  5 of those teeth just came in all together last week.  He has been pretty good about it all - mostly it has effected his sleep.

*he has gone from bland soft foods to all manor of table food.  We struggle with fruits and veggies - he would live on carbs if we let him!  He loves him some mashed potatoes and any kind of pasta!

*he has gone camping 3 times and there is one more trip before the end of the summer.  The boy LOVES to be outside.  Mention the word 'shoes' and he is running for the door.  When I reach for my sunglasses he goes giddy - knowing we are going outside!!  He loves the water!!!  He will just dive in head first - no fear what so ever.

*he has gained about 3 lbs and almost an inch.  We are heading to the Dr this week so will get the proper numbers.  He is wearing a 12 month size on bottoms and an 18 month size on top - his tummy is growing!!

*his vocab is increasing.  He came home saying dada and momma.  Now he includes: up, all done, bib, bump, poppa, puppy, hi, all gone, cuddle, ba ba (bottle), help, night night, shoes, socks, hat, pizza, tub.  He will also say 'hi puppy, hi dada etc.  He babbles alot and sings to himself all the time.  Just in the past few weeks we can pick out actual words in his babbling.  Just this past week we hear him saying 'pizza mmm' over and over again.

*he has been the guest of honour at 4 baby showers.  It has been amazing to introduce him to our friends and family.  We have been blessed beyond words with wonderful gifts.  The fact that I still have 60+ thank you cards to write is proof.  They are coming!

*we finally have a routine of sorts.  I allowed B to do what he needed to do regarding sleep.  It drove me crazy.  We went from one nap, to 2 naps in the day back to one and some days none....  We are now on a consistent nap time and bed time.  Sleep at night is not great.  In the beginning he was up every hour or so.  Now he is up 2 or 3 times a night.  Its been HARD.  I am a sleeper and love/need my sleep.  Mike and I take turns at night and I am napping during the day.  It is getting better and now that the teeth are all in we are considering sleep training...  He will fall back to sleep on his own some times and will play happily in his crib when he wakes up.  I feel like he really needs us in the night.  He seems to need lots of cuddles and comforting.

*I have learned to do grocery shopping in the afternoon.  In the morning the stores are full of retired folk from our 2 large retirement communities.  It takes FOREVER for B to meet and greet his peeps.  The feeling is usually mutual.  He loves his public!!!!  He waves and says hi to EVERYONE equally.  It can get some what embarrassing.  He loves to sit on our front porch and just watch the world go by.  In our small town...there is not much world going by... but a few cars and a few pedestrians make him happy.  We wait (almost) every night for Daddy to come home and he loves to sit out there and is content just to sit and watch.

*he is walking on his own.  When we picked him up he was 'cruising' around furniture and the walls.  He is now running and walking on his own.  He is FAST.

*he is doing magic tricks.  He loves to hide things beside himself in the high chair - ask you where it is - and then pull it out like a rabbit out of a hat.  We respond with 'surprise' and he just loves it.

*we have totally fallen in love with this little guy.  He is just amazing.  He is funny, sensitive and sweet.  He is a boys boy - banging and hitting and crashing and so LOUD.  Everything is made for climbing.  We are so proud to call him our son!!