Saturday, May 18, 2013

Backyard fun!

Well, Victoria day weekend has started out with a small project for Bedilu to enjoy for a long time. We started with this:

Then moved to this:

Then this:

And finally... this!

Oh, and he enjoys it very much!

The only thing missing now is the sand! I wasn't sure how quickly construction would go (especially with some "help"!), and we need to calculate how much we'll need, so the sand will wait for another day. It's been a very busy day around here, and now I'm very tired and sore! But I really love to do things for my family, especially things we can all enjoy together!

Friday, May 10, 2013


This week I have been busy reminiscing.  May 12th (Mother's Day) will be our first anniversary of our 'family day'.  The day that Bedilu officially came with us and we started our life as a family of 3.  After waiting almost exactly 4 years we picked him up and bundled him into the Kidslink van.

It has been an amazing year!  Some days its hard to remember that tiny little guy we met in Addis.  He has grown so much!  He is talking and pretending and kissing his babies and shouting at the neighbours and running outside and yammering and quite successfully wrapping everyone around his little finger.  He is the neighbourhood social butterfly yet doesn't stray too far from Dad and Mom in public.  He is funny and sensitive.  He is a huge helper.  He insists on emptying the dishwasher and knows where all the dishes go.  He loves to dust and clean.  He loves to dig in the flower beds.  He loves Toopy and Binoo... and Mr Grouper.  He loves cars and buses.  He loves Poppa and Aaron (he loves everyone else too :) but those are the names we hear constantly)  He loves his pal D - they can't get enough of each other.  He loves his babies!  There are 4 of them that must be with him almost everywhere he goes.  They sit at the table with bibs, they come to the bathroom for baths, they get fed and hugged and kissed and told good bye whenever he leaves the room.

One year ago was an amazing time.  It was a time of excitement for us.  But its almost painful to see the pictures of Bedilu.  He was so scared.  He handled things so amazingly well but in those early days you can see the confusion and fear in his eyes.  He was old enough to know something was up but much to young to explain...  He has attached so amazingly well but part of me will always remember that scared little baby.

It's been an amazing year of getting to know each other.  It is such a pleasure to see him grow and to see him experience so many firsts.  We may have missed his first 18 months... but he has sure had many firsts here at home.  First ice cream, first camping trip, first swim, first snow, first Birthday party, first Christmas, first steps, first haircut, first trip to the ER...  It is such a learning experience - to be part of the adventure along with him, to experience the firsts along with him.  It's amazing to see his mind at work.  Now that he is communicating more we getting a bigger glimpse of what is going on in his head.  Often you can see the wheels just a turning and I would love to know what he is thinking.

It's been amazing to be the Mother of this child.  Luckily for me, he loves to cuddle and snuggle.  He loves hugs and kisses.  It is a joy.  It's not always easy - but nothing worthwhile is.  God didn't have to give me the desire of my heart... but He did.  Was it an easy road?  no...  Am I blessed beyond measure?  yes...  I am so incredibly thankful - that God would intrust me with the job of raising this son.            Every day I think of a woman who did not have the chance to raise her son.  We remember her as well on Mother's day.  It's incredible to think of how God brought our family together and we will never take that for granted.

Happy family day Bedilu.  You are the child that grew in Mommy's heart.  This first year with you has been full of love and wonder and life.  You are amazing.  You fill our days and our lives with so much joy.  We love you!!