Thursday, July 30, 2009

Cautiously optimistic

You may have heard by now that we attended a 'creditors meeting' today. For me it was a very emotional experience and i have to admit - that for the first time i am feeling some hope that our adoption may continue. There are alot of hurdle's that need to be jumped to make it all work - but I think it might just be possible. These hurdles include co-ordintaion of the trustees, the ON Gov't and the families - its a big job. Its going to take time.
Of coarse we are guarding our hearts and do not look forward to more disappointment. But we know that miracles can happen. I believe its a small miracle that things have turned out so well already. Please don't take our 'cautiously optimistic' attitude as negativity. We are doing the best we can to remain positive in this situation. We feel that we will give the process some time and then decide how we will proceed.
I want to thank you all again for your calls, emails, cards, gifts, words of encouragement and your prayers. Please continue to pray for us - our hearts are still very tender.
Below is the article on the meeting from the KW Record.

KITCHENER—Affected families were buoyed Thursday by a plan to try to restructure a bankrupt Cambridge adoption agency under new management.
If successful, it would mean hundreds of clients from across Canada will still be able to adopt children from overseas after investing months of time and up to $20,000 in the process.
Would-be parents were devastated when Kids Link International Adoption Agency, which operated as
Imagine Adoption, collapsed July 14.
But they left a Kitchener meeting in good spirits after about 200 creditors voted unanimously to pursue a restructuring effort outlined by bankruptcy trustees from BDO Dunwoody.
“I’ve never seen so many people in one room agree on something so quickly,” said Ingrid Phaneuf, of Etobicoke, who is trying to adopt a child from Ethiopia. “It was fantastic.”
A group of about six people with the required expertise have come forward to possibly take over the non-profit agency. The plan would require approval from the provincial government, which licenses international adoption organizations.
Bankruptcy trustee Susan Taves said the plan will be explored and developed over the next two to four weeks to see if it can work.
“I think it’s really probable – a high percentage of success here,” she said after the three-hour meeting.
Companies, church groups, individuals and affected families have contacted trustees with offers to help salvage the agency.
“This is a really unique file,” Taves said. “In 20 years of doing this work, I’ve never had people call and say they’ll give money to keep an organization going.”

Families have so far filed claims nearing $3 million. Imagine has just $500,000 in cash, plus about $150,000 in accounts receivable and office equipment.
The collapse affected about 415 families, including more than 200 in Ontario.
Bankruptcy trustees are working with government officials to complete about 40 adoptions, mostly from Ethiopia, that had reached the stage where families were matched with children.
The remaining 375 clients were at various stages of the process and stand to benefit most if the agency is saved under new management and a new board of directors.
Nine families hoping to adopt from Ghana are in a particularly tough spot after an orphanage there was closed over concerns children had been improperly taken from their parents.
Jesse and Jeanette Martin of Elora had been matched with twin, eight-month-old girls before all adoptions from the orphanage were suspended.
“To us, these are our girls,” said Jeanette, showing photos of the children. “We won’t give up. We can’t give up.”
Waterloo Regional Police are conducting a fraud investigation after two directors of Imagine alleged senior staff earning six-figure salaries used corporate credit cards to make more than $300,000 in questionable purchases.
Included were trips, home renovations and a horse and saddle.
There was no sign at the meeting of Susan Hayhow, the former executive director of Imagine and two related organizations, Global Reach Children Fund and Saint Anne Adoption Agency.
Those agencies are also caught up in the Imagine bankruptcy because money moved among accounts for all three organizations.

Monday, July 27, 2009

hanging in

Just wanted to let you all know that we are doing ok. We were able to get away last week for a few days. It was nice to have some peace and quiet and get our heads around what has happened.
We really don't know any more than you do and what you see in the news. Time will tell if our file is salvageable. At this point its all up to the Ontario gov't. There is a meeting for all creditors on Thursday and we are hoping to get some answers at that point.
We want to thank you for your support - for your prayers, cards, gifts, phone calls and concern. Please keep us in your prayers. We are in a crazy limbo right now - scared to hope and scared not to. We trust that God will make a way - where there seems to be no way.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

black monday

yesterday our world fell apart. Our dreams and our hearts have been crushed. we are numb. We found out that our agency - Imagine Adoption has gone bankrupt. This pretty much means the end of our adoption. We choose this agency and this route because we felt it was our best chance of having a family - ever. The thought of getting into another line some where else is just so insane right now. Some say there may be hope for our file and another agency picking us up as clients but i doubt they will do it for free and we are at our limit. we are grieving the loss of our child and the hope that we once had.
We are thankful for our friends and families. for the calls and emails and facebooks and cookies. we haven't responded much - we will in time. we just need time to process. if you want to know details - check out the imagine website - globe and mail - CTV - any news site - its everywhere. We are also thankful for your prayers - cause right now we don't have the words to say so we are counting on you to lift us up. we know we are not the only ones - there are so many just like us. we have all suffered so much already and this just seems to be so surreal.

Sunday, July 5, 2009


how fancy - this is my #1o1 post. Who knew i (and occasionally 'we') had so much to say?!
I had a great week off! The weather totally sucked - rain, over cast, down right scary clouds, humidity and cool damp weather which is not kind to hair at all. Yesterday and today have been nicer - the sun has returned and so i am trying to enjoy it as much as i can!!!
Collingwood and the Blue Mountain resort was great!!! We got a sweet little package deal that included our meals and spa treatments (my feet have never looked or felt so wonderful!!) and some shopping coupons and a nice new robe to take home - and no we didn't steal them - we were supposed to take them home :) The weather didn't exactly co-operate - we had hoped to get to the beach or at least sit by one of the beautiful pools...but alas we shopped :) and saw some nice movies and did some more shopping :) It was a great get away!!!!
Also had a birthday last week - yep - another year older. It was kind of quiet which is fine by me. Mike and I enjoyed a wonderful seafood dinner out. Looking forward to having our first campfire in my new fire pit - once the fire chief comes by and ok's it and gives us our permit. I love a good campfire!!!
Today we are off to a surprise birthday party and then i am afraid its back to work. ugh. i am trying not to imagine the piles of papers that are waiting for me - its nice to know some of my work has been done while i was away - but the rest will sit and we will be right into the thick of 'month end'. The good news is that i work 2 weeks and then enjoy vacation week #2. Already counting down the days. This time Mike is off as well and we plan to tackle house stuff and get those reno's cleaned up that we started last summer... i would even like to start a new project or two :) we will see.
Also, good news on the adoption front (for other people anyway). Some folks are travelling as we speak and others have finally had successful court dates!! Yippee!!! Such good news going around. This can only mean that more referrals are on the way. And of coarse good news for other families is always good news for us. The process is moving and we are slowly inching our way closer to the top of the list. Mind you i said slowly - don't go getting all excited - I still think a referral by Christmas will be a miracle. But good news is good news and i will take it!!!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

While the wife is away...

It's true... I'm not myself when Brenda is away. She's off enjoying a much needed girl's getaway, while I'm stuck here working! I had great intentions of getting a lot of projects done while she's gone, but all I've managed to do is get the new outdoor fire bowl put together. Tomorrow is another day to tackle some more projects! The Canada day fireworks here in town were nice to watch from our back deck, it seems that we have a perfect line of sight to the park from here! I sat outside watching them before I left for work last night. The rain held off until the grand finale, then it got wet fast! So here's wishing our blog friends a Happy Canada Day!