Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Confession Tuesday?

I see from my blogging friends that confession is good for the soul. Since i actually feel like posting, I am sure you won't mind that i am confessing on a Tuesday and not on Friday :) Here goes:

I confess (0n a Tuesday) that:

*we didn't go to the 'adoption people' get together in Cambridge. In fact we haven't gone to one yet. I want to meet you folks and yet i just find it too hard until we have our kid to take with us. I know lots of people are encouraged when they go, but i think we will wait. We did however attend the screening of "Operation Babylift". This was a movie about orphans that were airlifted from Vietnam at the end of the war and then adopted to American and Canadian families.

*i confess that both Mike and I cried at different times during the movie -sorry Mike but you are confessing here too :) Not only did the film chronicle the lives of adoptees but also an adoptee and his wife as they adopted from Vietnam. It is a very powerful film and i could definitely relate to their journey.

*i confess that it surprised me to see Mike's post about his dream. I loved that! He rarely remembers his dreams - me, i have crazy dreams all the time and we should be so lucky that none of them 'come true'. I am counting on his dream coming true. He is convinced that we are getting a girl...

*i confess the 'hard stuff' is still hard but i am learning (again and again and again) that all i can do is pray.

*i confess that for a while i didn't believe that praying made a difference. I questioned...a lot. Now i know that my faith has been stretched and strengthened. I am learning that when all i can do is pray - that it's enough.

*i confess that the paper work is almost done. For some reason it has seemed hard to get it together. Could be that i was just plan mad that we had to re-do it in the first place.

*i confess that i was jealous when Kendra posted that it was easy to get her update done...

*i confess that as soon (literally seconds) as our AP walked out of our house at our last home visit, i found the biggest dust bunny known to man.

*i confess that this year at work i was able to carry over 2 weeks of vacation. i figured it would be good to have extra for when we travel. But, man could i use a holiday!!!

*i confess that L getting a referral was the second highlight of last week!

*the first highlight was my friend A calling to say they have 'a match'!!! So exciting. Can't wait to hear more and to meet your little man!!!!!

*i confess that the highlight of this week was seeing the photos of B&A and sweet baby A!!!! that made my heart happy - congrats guys

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Do dreams come true?

We are still alive! We have not been totally buried by the latest batch of paperwork, but sometimes it seems that way! I (Mike) tried to sleep in today, but I had the most incredible dream and couldn't get back to sleep. It's my first "daddy dream", and I needed to share it with someone! (Brenda is still sleeping, and I know better than to wake her up!). So here's how the dream unfolded: We were at some sort of family function, not sure who's family, I didn't really recognize anyone. We were in a room with a bed, TV, and some of our stuff, maybe we were staying over? Brenda was reading a book and playing with a cute little African girl, who looked to be about 2yrs. old. She was perfect, big beautiful eyes, winning smile, and crazy curly hair (of which I am jealous!). Then she came over to where I was sitting in a rocking chair watching a movie or something on the TV. She climbed up into my lap, and settled in all warm and cuddly while I rocked back and forth. She turned to me after a while and said "faster!", that's when I knew she was our child (only on of my kids would not be satisfied with rocking slowly!). Later we were down the hallway, and everyone was getting food from the kitchen. Wouldn't you know, our little girl had gotten grandma to get her some ice cream! She was then leading grandma down the hall to a quieter room to "hide-out" while they spoiled their dinner! So, that was it, at that point I woke up and haven't been able to get that dream out of my head. I sure hope this one comes true!