Monday, July 25, 2011


By now, you will have heard about the famine in East Africa.

Its hard to explain how international 'news' touches you when it involves your child's homeland. It feels like it is happening to my home. There are many ways that you can donate to help with the relief effort. MCC (Mennonite Central Committee) is one of them. Right now the Canadian Government is matching donations.

I often wonder how our country would manage if we really had a disaster like this. I pray others would help us as we have to opportunity to help Africa. Please give if you can. Not everyone can give and that is ok. Prayer is also an important response.

Thanks for considering it.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Confession Friday

I confess:
* I almost didn't confess - it's just too hot
*We had a wonderful lazy vacation. We were camping up north and it was so good. Mind you it was really hot.... I am talking high 20's and low 30's in the shade. Then again we weren't doing too much but sitting by the water, swimming and reading so that was ok. We did get eaten alive though.... every sort of biting bug got me. My feet look like a mine field!!!
*Every year i look at all the families at the beach and i dream of what it will be like to be a family of 3 at the beach. We did enjoy our peace and freedom but won't it be fun to introduce Bedi to the fun of camping.
*we took absolutely no pictures during our holiday. Except for a few shots mike took of the food we were cooking one night... it was really good. So, just picture the 2 of us lounging with a book in hand and that would be our holiday.
*one high light for me is the fire flies. i have never seen so many fire flies as we see at this park. Every night they come out and flit about. they are so magical to me, so pretty and so random.
*Poor kid - we have been calling him Bedi - and when people ask me about Devin I have to think about who they are talking about. I guess i think of him as Bedi - until he is ours at least. Maybe Bedi will stick though.
*I worry sometimes that this is just a big joke and that Bedi will never come home. I like to think that i am ok with this whole court closure thing adding 2 more months to his time in an orphanage. I try not to get anxious or upset - what good does it do? But oh do i wish he could just come home. I guess i am getting used to the not knowing thing - but it would be really nice to find out when we go to E
*We had planned to do some traveling into the country when we go to E the first time. If you haven't heard there is a drought going on and lots of people are starving. I think i will feel guilty driving into the country side and eating whatever i want. I am not sure what we will do. I want to see where Bedi comes from and help if we can - but i don't want to be a 'rich foreigner' or take from anyone else. Dealing with a country and poverty is one thing but dealing with a drought and people starving is something totally different. I really want to respect the people...

Friday, July 1, 2011

Confession Friday

I confess:
*its friday but i really didn't know what day of the week it is!! We have been on holidays and this week feels like a repeating Saturday!! Probably because i have done alot of cleaning and house stuff. As you can see from Mike's post - our bedroom is getting an overhaul and it's looking great. Still have some trim work to do and paint and some curtains to hang and it should be done!!! Looking forward to the 'finished' pics and moving on to our next project :)

*We went to the Toronto Zoo yesterday and were a bit disappointed. I guess i was expecting to see more animals... Some exhibits were empty, some poor animals were hot and tired and you could just barely see them... We decided it will be alot of years before we take Devin. There were lots of kiddies having lots of melt downs!!!! Its a huge place with lots of walking.

*We finally were able to sign the forms to accept our referral. There were a few complications and i was getting worried that it was going to fall through... But its all signed and sealed and now we wait to see when we will go for court. Not sure if we will sneak in before closures happen or not.

*Momma bear instincts came to the surface when we found out wee Devin was in hospital last week. He had a flu that lead to dehydration. Poor fella. I have been feeling good about the care he is getting - but when i found out he has been sick, i just want to be the one to look after him!!!! He is doing better now and is back at the orphanage again.

*I think i have a decorating idea for the nursery... finding it fun to think about getting it finished!!!

*Today might just be a lazy day. After our trek at the zoo yesterday in the heat, it might just be nice to chill for today.

Happy Canada Day!!!!!