Monday, May 28, 2012

Home for 10 days

It's hard to believe that we have been home for 10 days.  In most ways it feels like Bedi has always been here!  The crazy of travel is behind us - which is a very good thing!!!  I hope to not fly anywhere again for a very long time!!!!

The first flight was amazing.  Bedi slept the whole entire 8 hours.  He was so good and so quiet!!!  We also even slept a bit and it was a nice uneventful flight.  Then we had 7 hours to kill at the Frankfurt airport.  By now Bedi's poor tummy was just not happy.  Good thing we had lots of diapers and changes of clothes - cause we just about used them all.  Poor kid.  He was not happy at all.  By the time we got on the last plane, I was just about ready to cry myself.  In fact i believe i did.  An hour into the flight the nice head steward re-arranged some seats and got us a bulkhead seat with bassinet.  At that point I really did cry!!!  God bless those very kind folks who allowed us to have their seats.  Bedi slept for almost 1/2 of the flight and screamed for the rest.  I have never been so happy to land and have our feet on the ground again!!!!  Immigration, Customs and finding our luggage all seemed to be pretty easy... and then to meet our welcoming committee!  By now Bedi had fallen asleep - so he woke up to Grandpa and Grandma, Uncle Larry, Auntie Sheri and cousin Dayna!

And now we have been home for about 10 days.  I was sick for the first 5... am happy to say that I am much better now (lost 12 pounds!!).  I think we are all working in the same time zone by now.  We have no schedule or routine yet (which is kind of driving me crazy).  We have been letting Bedi sleep when he needs to and will hopefully soon be in a routine.  His tummy has calmed down and we are sticking to pretty simple foods and formula for now.  I think next week we will slowly start to introduce some veggies to his diet.  He is gaining weight and has a bit of a tummy now.  He is a very happy boy during the day.  He is very silly and has lots of 'tricks' to get attention.  He love to have an audience but he also plays well on his own and loves his new toys.  At night he is fairly restless.  He sleeps well until midnight and then is up 4+ times until he gets up around 6:30.

He has a few new 'tricks' and some new words - momma, daddy, hi, up.  He fake sneezes and fake coughs - which is new.  He loves to be in his stroller and outside!  He loves to just sit on our porch and watch the cars drive by!  We went to church for the first time yesterday and he LOVED to play with the other kids in the nursery!

We have been blessed with friends and family bringing us meals!!!  We are so well looked after!!!  Over all we are doing really well.  A bit more sleep would be nice...  But its getting better all the time.  I am finding my way as a 'stay at home mom'.  It's great to be home - but it still feels like I am on vacation and will be heading back soon...  Am sure I will get used to it.


Hopeful Mommy (and Daddy) said...

Glad things are going so well!! I can relate to almost all those feelings. I remember how surreal it felt for so long. Bedi sounds incredibly entertaining. How fast they learn thins at this age. Pray things will continue to go so well!

Adam, Esther and D

Angela Sandau said...

That vacation feeling stays with you for a while. So glad you guys are all getting some sleep. What a difference it makes. Oh, the fake sneeze! Love it! Addis did the same thing. They love to do things that make us laugh. Post some more pictures on facebook or email them, if you get a chance.

Karen said...

I hope everyone is feeling better and I am sure you will all find the new normal over time...hugs to you all!