Monday, May 28, 2012

Home for 10 days

It's hard to believe that we have been home for 10 days.  In most ways it feels like Bedi has always been here!  The crazy of travel is behind us - which is a very good thing!!!  I hope to not fly anywhere again for a very long time!!!!

The first flight was amazing.  Bedi slept the whole entire 8 hours.  He was so good and so quiet!!!  We also even slept a bit and it was a nice uneventful flight.  Then we had 7 hours to kill at the Frankfurt airport.  By now Bedi's poor tummy was just not happy.  Good thing we had lots of diapers and changes of clothes - cause we just about used them all.  Poor kid.  He was not happy at all.  By the time we got on the last plane, I was just about ready to cry myself.  In fact i believe i did.  An hour into the flight the nice head steward re-arranged some seats and got us a bulkhead seat with bassinet.  At that point I really did cry!!!  God bless those very kind folks who allowed us to have their seats.  Bedi slept for almost 1/2 of the flight and screamed for the rest.  I have never been so happy to land and have our feet on the ground again!!!!  Immigration, Customs and finding our luggage all seemed to be pretty easy... and then to meet our welcoming committee!  By now Bedi had fallen asleep - so he woke up to Grandpa and Grandma, Uncle Larry, Auntie Sheri and cousin Dayna!

And now we have been home for about 10 days.  I was sick for the first 5... am happy to say that I am much better now (lost 12 pounds!!).  I think we are all working in the same time zone by now.  We have no schedule or routine yet (which is kind of driving me crazy).  We have been letting Bedi sleep when he needs to and will hopefully soon be in a routine.  His tummy has calmed down and we are sticking to pretty simple foods and formula for now.  I think next week we will slowly start to introduce some veggies to his diet.  He is gaining weight and has a bit of a tummy now.  He is a very happy boy during the day.  He is very silly and has lots of 'tricks' to get attention.  He love to have an audience but he also plays well on his own and loves his new toys.  At night he is fairly restless.  He sleeps well until midnight and then is up 4+ times until he gets up around 6:30.

He has a few new 'tricks' and some new words - momma, daddy, hi, up.  He fake sneezes and fake coughs - which is new.  He loves to be in his stroller and outside!  He loves to just sit on our porch and watch the cars drive by!  We went to church for the first time yesterday and he LOVED to play with the other kids in the nursery!

We have been blessed with friends and family bringing us meals!!!  We are so well looked after!!!  Over all we are doing really well.  A bit more sleep would be nice...  But its getting better all the time.  I am finding my way as a 'stay at home mom'.  It's great to be home - but it still feels like I am on vacation and will be heading back soon...  Am sure I will get used to it.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Home with our boy!

Our house had been "vandalized" while we were gone!
Well, we finally arrived back in Canada, even better, HOME! We were very blessed with a good boy on our flights home. He only had one melt-down somewhere over the Atlantic. Brenda and I (Mike) didn't sleep much on the plane, so by the time we got home, we were pretty much worn out. Bedilu slept pretty good, only up a few times in the night, so we took shifts looking after him while the other one slept. Bedilu is still adjusting to our time zone, but he already knows that he has the run of the house! Thanks to our family and friends that have been with us along this journey! We are a truly blessed family! WOW, we're a FAMILY!!!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Our First Days

Where to begin! 

Picking Bedilu up  - what a day!  I met with the nurse and got his schedule.  It was so great to get the info but i was for sure feeling overwhelmed!!!!  We changed him into an outfit we had brought with us and then we were off.  He got to say his good byes to his nannies and as we were backing out of the compound more came running out to say good bye.  So touching to see how they will miss him.  The car ride was quiet as he just took it all in - he probably hasn't been out of the orphanage for 3 months or so.

We tried to stick to the schedule on the first day.  Smiles were hard to come by but by the end of the day we even had one short giggle.  He had a good nap but by supper time was not feeling so great.  He is teething and has a bad cold.  We have him started on some antibiotics.  He actually slept for 13 hours which was amazing!!!

Today has been a good day.  This morning he was just snuggly and cuddly.  He had a nap that we weren't expecting and then another one in the afternoon.  I think his teeth are really bothering him but he is doing well despite it all.  We have just been taking it easy.  Not sure that we will be doing much besides hanging out here at the Guesthouse.  He has started bonding with us.  He prefers me (Brenda) but will go with Mike as well.  He doesn't like to be too far from us - usually wants to be held or very close.  Its been a very good start!!!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Gotcha Day

We are leaving shortly to go and pick up Bedilu.  Can this really be happening???  Am still not believing it!  Just made up the crib in our room and packed a diaper bag for the first time.  Our visits have been bitter sweet.  So wonderful to hold him for the first time.  But so hard to see him so confused and scared.  Almost got a smile out of him yesterday....but its alot for him to take in.  I have a feeling that by the time we fly we will be seeing a whole different side to him.  In the play room we saw him smiling and heard him laughing and so we know we will see that again.  Wish we could upload photos... but I guess we will be doing that soon enough.

We are enjoying our time at the KVI guesthouse.  Its so wonderful to see our friends again.  And I feel much more confidant bringing Bedi here knowing that they are all here to help.  They can't wait till he comes!!!!  Its been rainy - the rainy season is starting early.  Much different from the dry, hot heat in March!  Its damp and muggy and my hair is showing the signs of humidity!!!  Yesterday it was sunny and this morning looks the same.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Hello Addis #2

We made it to Addis after what seemed like crazy long flights... It seemed like we would never get here!!!!  We met up with Mike's Dad - Chuck at the airport.  He flew in from Burkina Faso where he does Mission work.  It took us 2 hours to get our visa and get through customs...  It felt like forever.  But before long we found our ride and took off for the Guesthouse.  KVI has moved its Guesthouse - but I will get into that another time.

We had a nice chat with Eyob over the best coffee ever.  So happy to be back with our friends and enjoying Zeneba's coffee!!

Neither of us slept really well (added to 28+ hours of travel with no sleep)... and so after our breakfast we had a short nap.  Then we were off to the Kidslink/Imagine office to pick up Bedi's visa and other paperwork.  Then off to the orphanage for our first visit. I was totally unprepared.  It seemed like it took forever to drive the 4 or so blocks to the orphanage.  Before long we were at the compound gate and it swung open.

It was great to see our friends again who work at the orphanage.  Then they took us back to the baby room.  We ended up taking Bedi outside to create a bit of distance from his beloved Nannies.  He fussed for just a short while and then settled in with us.  He did pretty well but he was not exactly comfortable with us.  I have a feeling though that he will warm up to us soon.  Next time we will take some toys to keep him occupied.  He sure has alot of changes coming up - but I feel that by the end of the week he will be happier to see us.  We will probably visit for 3 or 4 more days before he comes home with us.

We decided everyone would be better off if we had a nap - and it was a good one!  It started raining just after lunch and there is no better time to have a nap!!!  We are both feeling much more human again and are looking forward to our visits tomorrow!

Friday, May 4, 2012


We just found out this morning that our VISA is in!!!!!

I can hardly believe it!!!  We are making our flight arrangements right now and will be leaving in the next few days!!!!  We are going to pick up our son!  Stay tuned!!