Wednesday, May 27, 2009

wordless wednesday - kind of - well, not really

Yippee for spring. I love to see things growing! I especially love when i don't kill things! I am not an experienced gardener, so i like easy things and take lots of advice from good gardener friends. We did add a new flower bed this spring :) I think Mike is worried that my flowers will totally take over our small back yard - but i promise him that we will always have room for a swing set and a sand box :) Remind me how much i love gardening in August when the weeds have taken over...
Nothing else new here - no referrals lately. Lots of people are getting ready to travel and pick up their kidlets - so that is a good thing - more room for new kids in the transition home.
Lately the waiting has got me down. I wonder if its too optimistic to think that we will get a referral by Christmas. Last year at this time we were thinking we would be traveling in the summer of 2009 and now we hope and pray we travel in the summer of 2010. I do know it WILL happen - but right now the light at the end of the tunnel is very dim.
As for other fun stuff - Chuck has stayed with us for the past few weeks - its been good to spend some time together after being apart for 2 years. On the weekend the Cober women minus one(sheri, dayna, my mom and myself - we missed you Val) went to TO to see the Sound of Music. At first I thought ' i have seen the movie a gazillion times - not so keen on seeing the musical' but it was amazing - see it if you can. it was a great time. We took the subway - which was fun and a novelty for us country hicks. A good time was had by all :)

Monday, May 18, 2009

playing catch up

Yep - its been a while since i have posted, so I am afraid it might be a long one.

First of all - we hit our 7th month in the referral waiting game. Not sure how i feel about that - kind of like that bus ran me over. When we started i really thought we would have a referral by now... Ah, then reality hits. Anyhoo - we are 7 down and who knows how many more to go.

Its true, i have been in a bit of a funk. Then it dawned on me - Mother's Day is coming up. Yep - not fond of that day. It was kind of quiet for us but we got through it.
I love my Mom!!!!! She is the best. She constantly goes above and beyond. She is always supportive and we must like each other cause we work together!!! Looking forward to our shopping day coming up!!!!
My Grandma Cober passed away last Mother's day - and so we were all missing her as well. She kept a diary and so we are privileged to read them now and get a feel for the kind of lady she was - besides the spoiling, playing twister Grandma that i knew growing up. She was busy!!!! She had a lot going on and almost everyday there was someone dropping by, some grandkid showing up to be looked after, ladies in to quilt or a visit paid to a neighbour. In fact it made me smile to read 'Dad and i sat alone tonight - no one came' - that was a rare entry but shows how much she loved having people over. Its kind of cool to see my name pop up in there every once in a while or things like 'Bruce's have a new baby - nice baby boy' or 'Sheri and Brenda were here for the day' or "Cathy went to Bruce's to babysit' or 'Dorthy went to Bruce's to babysit'. I know without a doubt that not only do i have great parents - but i had wonderful grandparents who loved us!!!! I have thought about starting my own diary - what a legacy to leave behind.
Anyhoo - on to other news. We have a visiting family member, as mike mentioned. Chuck - Mike's dad is home from Burkina Faso!!

Here he is - just landing in Toronto!!! We have had a good couple of day with him catching up from the last 2 years he has been gone. A highlight so far is Chuck meeting AJ for the first time. Here is AJ doing one of his funny faces - that kid is too cute!!!

I think Mike mentioned that we got a surprise 'early baby shower' gift from my co-worker Lynnette. It was a must buy that she couldn't turn down and I was so happy. It just about made me cry :) It came at the perfect time and is so sweet!!!! Here is Mike testing it out:

So, I think that's about all for now. Its the holiday Monday - and i am enjoying my time off. We had a big breakfast thanks to Mike :) We (and that means Mike) are going to be making a new flower bed out back today. Its way to cold to plant anything but I will move some perennials around and get a few things done out there. I love to see things popping up in the spring!!!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Dad's Coming Home

So, for those of you who don't know... my (Mike) dad lives in Burkina Faso Africa. He's due home for a furlow for the next four months. He will be arriving back in Canada on Saturday, and staying with us for about a week to rest before visiting his friends and supporting churches. He works for a mission support agency that drills water wells in Burkina and previously in Ghana. We've put an air matress in the baby's room, (which still is not finished!) and I managed to put up some blinds and a closet rod so he can hang up some of his clothes. Hopefully he can get re-adjusted to our climate and the noise on our street from the road reconstruction! I've invested in ear plugs to allow me to sleep during the day, since I'm still stuck on night shift (Blahhh). Oh yeah, Brenda's friend at work bought us a black baby doll to "practice" with, so she's in the crib now with some stuffed toys!! We've told Brenda's mom that's the baby she'll be able to hold when we arrive home with ours!!!