Thursday, February 19, 2009

Brenda needs...

Thanks to Karen - the photo tag rebel, I am on to my next bit of fun. I have decided that since there is nothing to talk about regarding this adoption - then i might as well be having some fun. Here are the first 10 results of googling 'brenda needs'. Pretty easy - just google your first name and the word 'needs' and watch the fun happen. Who doesn't like to google themselves - I know you have done it!

1. Brenda Need WinPatrol Too? Brenda has everything else, does she need WinPatrol too? - oh so true. Brenda has everything!!
2. Brenda need control of my life - no thanks i have enough trouble with my own life -don't need to control someone else's!
3. Does "Closer" Brenda Need a Foil? - don't watch 'the closer' and didn't know they have a Brenda- not a common name for a TV show - but a good reminder to get my roots done.
4. Brenda need your opinion - ah - no problem there, I'll give you my opinion...
5. Brenda need not have her MBA to sit for the CIA exam however. - good to know, the CIA could use me i think!
6. Brenda needs a makeover: "Brenda's stuck in the '80s! ... Brenda needs the uplifting support of her wacky Village pals. -oh so true!!! i did recently have a slight makeover and got rid of my 80's bangs, and i do love the uplifting support of my Villages pals -this one was good!
7. Brenda's need for creative expression quickly filled notebook after notebook with original music - hmm, any original music coming from this girl is scary!!
8. Brenda need a gentle, lovin and charmin guy - oh so true and happy to say i found him!
9. Brenda need a chiropractor - no thanks - tried that and it freaks me out
10. Dear Brenda: Need to take more people on the workshop so this positive world-view can spread throughout the country - positive world view -well i will work on it.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

not much to say

Here i am again with my usual 'not much to say post'.
People (bless their hearts) are always asking me if anything is new and when will be getting our baby. I feel like i am out of answers - and we have a long way to go. I love that they are concerned and that they care - i would probably be mad if people didn't ask - but i am having a hard time giving a positive/upbeat answer. I feel like i am having an 'adoption funk' again. ugh.
One good thing going on is that Mike is working on the baby's room again - remember that reno we started last summer??!! Well, its coming to a close. We are painting the floor with oil paint and so need to wait till the spring so we can have some windows open - but other than that we are very close to being done - paint touch ups, paint trim, install light fixture, closet doors and organizers and that should be it. It will be nice to put the tools away and consider our home no longer a construction zone - almost one year...not too bad for timing :)
That's it for now. So much for 'not much to say'.

photo tag rebel

I was supposed to post a photo that was the fourth picture in the fourth file. That pic is the one of me and mike that i already have posted to the right. Then, Karen thought she would be a rebel and post the third pic in the third file - i thought - good idea. But that is a pic of my nephew and i technically don't have his parents approval for posting pics of him. So... here is the 5th picture from our 5th file. "our house in the winter"- i think its from a couple of years ago. Not sure if you can see the mammoth icicles on the left side of the house - danger for pedestrians!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

one by one

Today another referral was announced - a 2 month old baby girl!! Pretty exciting. One by one these babies will come home and little by little our name moves up the list.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Quiet Weekend

It's been a quiet weekend. I like that. We didn't have alot of rushing around. I got some 'home time' on Saturday to putter. Feels like it had been a long time since i did my own puttering - between being on the go, a cold that never ends, Christmas and sore backs. It was just nice to finally get some of my 'stuff' done. Don't feel like i got enough of it done, but there is always next weekend.
I need to clear up a misconception. I don't think my hubby is cheap. He sure does like a good deal (i do too) and you will never know what you will find at the bargain basement. He has now stocked us with bottles and liners and we should be good to go for quite a while! It is true that I haven't always appreciated what comes home from the bargain basement -the pool ball clock with blue neon lights comes to mind. I am however, deeply touched by his excitement over baby bottles and his enthusiasm in getting ready for this baby. It warms my heart and helps me to get more excited. I have been guarding my heart a bit lately and not been sure it was time for this stuff yet. But, I am slowly allowing myself to accept that this IS going to happen. I was starting to think we might jinx ourselves by buying these things. What is worse than being ready for a baby that never comes. i was telling a friend at church today that with fertility drugs, we were never sure that they would work and with the adoption we know in the end that it WILL work, just dont know when. Its a way better place to be - but still hard. So, anyhoo - baby bottles here we come!! It is starting to feel fun again - crazy and overwhelming too. But it seems like that all comes with the territory.
One other update - Val is home now from Hospital - yippee.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Don't laugh... I'm cheap!

It's Mike again. Today I went to our local hardware store to look for a door for the laundry room (Yes, I'm still working on the upstairs project). The door I had been looking at for weeks now was, of course, sold and gone! I did find another great deal though. For some unknown reason, they have a little display set up in the "Bargain Basement" with Playtex bottles and liners, for really cheap I might add!! Since we're travelling, and sterilization could be an issue, I thought these seemed like a good deal, so I carried an armload home. We'll have to see what Brenda thinks, since she's out tonight and has not yet see them. She sometimes scoffs at my "bargains", but I think it was a great buy!

Monday, February 2, 2009

back ordered...

So, the other night i answered the phone. This very timid, scared voiced asked if i was Mrs Manning. Yep - i am . Sorry, but your crib is back ordered. Its ok I said, so is our baby. Silence... Then i explained that we are adopting and the baby won't be here for a while (understatement). Then the nice lady sighed a huge sigh of relief and had a chuckle with me. Poor thing, imagine having to call a hormonal pregnant woman and tell her that the crib she ordered in December is going to be delivered in April instead of February- not a nice job. I thought it was funny...
On the weekend Mike and i attending a parenting 101 class put on by our adoption agency. We got all sorts of usefully info and learned lots. One thing they talked about was seclusion parenting. This requires the parents to go into 'hiding' when the baby comes home. No one is allowed to hold or care for the child in anyway but the parents. This teaches the child about family and who its care givers now are and that he/she can trust us. This is to go on until a sufficient attachment has happened - could be weeks or could be months. It has me a bit worried. I will love for our families to have contact with our child and i wonder how it will all work. How will i stop my mom from holding her grandchild? I know she will do what is best for the kid but how can i deny that?? Anyone out there have some advice on how they did it or are planning to do it? Apparently if you do it this way, then the attachment happens faster and stronger. If you don't, then the attachment takes much more time. I am beginning to wonder if staying in Ethiopia a bit longer would be a good idea? It has me a bit puzzled as to how we should proceed. Still trying to wrap my brain around this one.
Val updates: She is coming home this week. She is starting to get her strength back - but she has a very long road ahead of her. We appreciate your prayers!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

happy birthday Grandpa!!

You may remember us talking about Mike's dad. He is living in Burkina Faso, West Africa. He works with an organization called Friends in Action. He spends his time drilling and maintaining water wells. Groups of workers from Canada, USA and Europe volunteer their time to go and help him drill. He is a very busy guy - often we don't have much contact because he is in remote areas working hard.
Today is Chuck's birthday. So, I would like to send a big huge hug out to Burkina. Happy Birthday Dad!! I hope you had a good day. In a few months, when you come home for a visit, we will celebrate and i will make you a blueberry pie!! I love you and miss you!!